Sunset in the Virgins

Panera Bread Company

Many may not realize it, but this bakery chain is a gift to the high-speed-internet challenged. That’s anyone who needs a high-speed connection but has no access to one. Like us. We haven’t yet bitten the $60-a-month bullet for Verizon Broadband (partly because we’re not always in broadband range), so our only cyber connection is still through our cell phone. Translation: v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w. When we bought our new laptop we needed—desperately needed—a high-speed connection for software activations and updates, and we finally found just the ticket at Panera Bread. The wi-fi was free, we had a quiet table, and there was even an electric outlet handy so that we weren’t limited to the laptop’s battery life. We stayed as long as we wanted, no one disturbed or hassled us, and we were able to get the computer up and running—something we had been struggling with for a couple of weeks. We will be eternally grateful to the techno-savvy entrepreneurs who developed the Panera Bread chain, and we’ll eagerly seek out Panera locations in other areas. Come to think of, maybe we’ll try the bread, too.

Posted Sunday March 12, 2006

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