Old Port Cove Marina, North Palm Beach, FL

We needed a watermaker repair from a service in Riviera Beach, and the tech suggested that we check into a nearby marina for a couple of nights while the work was being done. Old Port Cove sounded reasonable and it’s very near the North Palm Beach anchorage, so we made reservations there. However, when we took the dinghy in to look the place over, we were highly unimpressed. First, the fuel dock looked quite small, and it was a long was from the office, which we had trouble locating with no signage. When we walked into the office the woman on the phone continued her belligerent conversation while she ignored us. When she did eventually acknowledge us, she informed us that we would be located in their “north basin”. Translation: the hinterlands. A visit to any of the marina’s facilities would involve a good quarter-mile walk—not what we had in mind for our money. The real deal-breaker, though, came when she said that her pump-out boat (the only available pump-out service) was inoperable, and wasn’t slated for repair any time soon. As mentioned here before, we don’t patronize marinas without functional pump-out facilities as a matter of principle. Communities expect us to keep their waters clean, and, reciprocally, we expect those communities to provide us with marinas offering the services to do that. We ended up staying for two nights at North Palm Beach Marina. Within this “seaweed” goes a small “sunset” to North Palm Beach Marina for its friendly staff, reasonable prices, protected basin, and functional pump-out.

Posted Sunday March 12, 2006

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  1. Hello Caloosa Spirit! I recently came across your internet posting and thought I’d send you an update.

    Please take a few minutes to review the $7 million renovations currently in progress at Old Port Cove’s North Marina by visiting our web site

    Please note that this renovation will include AT-SLIP pump-out facilities, which are nearly identical to that at our sister marina, which we completely re-built several years ago, the North Palm Beach Marina, where you also stayed.

    Additionally, the entire south marina at OPC, which is where the fuel dock is located, will be completely demolished next summer (May 08) and new state-of-the- art floating docks, fuel dock and AT-SLIP pump out, etc. will be installed.

    By the way, just so you know, the only reason a transient boater would have been asked to dock in the north marina would have been because the south basin must not have had a slip in your size available – we apologize for the inconvenience.

    I thought you might be interested in this update. we hope you will visit us again in the future.

    Happy sailing.

    Thank you.
    Sue Morgan, Marketing Director for Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc.
    Sue    08/02/2007 08:45 AM    #
  2. North Palm Beach Marina is owned by Old Port Cove – it is apparently better maintained!
    — Barb Cohen    08/15/2007 03:43 PM    #
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