A clogged—or non-existent—air filter

At one point when Jim removed the air filter housing from our Yanmar 50 to inspect it, he discovered that the interior screen was missing. Suspecting that something was wrong with that picture (one more island “fix-it”), he went to the local Yanmar parts distributor and asked for a replacement screen. The guy at the counter was surprised by the request, but he was able to provide the needed part. Since the screen had been missing for who-knew-how-long, its maintenance once it was installed took on a less-than-important aura. In other words, the air filter languished in its housing for a couple of years, out of sight, out of mind. Until the time came when the choking and gasping engine spewed black smoke and generally gave the impression that it was quite unhappy with its negligent owners, and was likely to go on strike if something wasn’t done NOW! Once we diagnosed the problem as probably a dirty air filter (who knew?), a thorough cleaning seemed to cure what was ailing the engine. We promise it won’t languish for another two years.

Posted Saturday December 10, 2005

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