Any marina that tucks its pump-out station in a corner and/or charges an outrageous price to use it.

The most odious task in cruising is emptying the holding tanks, but because we care deeply about our environment—and specifically the waters in which we cruise—we religiously use our holding tanks rather than pump overboard. We greatly appreciate that the number of pump-out stations has dramatically increased over the last couple of decades, but too often we find stations that are prohibitive to use due to location or price or both—or because of a current malfunction. We generally try to purchase fuel only from marinas that have convenient, reasonably priced, and functional pump-out stations. We’ve even on occasion pulled away from a fuel dock prior to fueling simply because the pump-out was inaccessible or inoperable. It’s a small statement, but one that we consider important.

Posted Wednesday November 16, 2005

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  1. Jim and Alice;

    It has been a while since I have been able to read your log’s. I have supplied my new personal email address, please use it for all future correspondence.
    I enjoy your exploits, Wishing you fair breezes and sunshine.
    — John T. Craig    06/03/2008 09:21 AM    #
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