Sunset in the Virgins

The Pirate's House Restaurant in Savannah

Hardly ever do we order a lunch buffet. Our restaurant tastes usually run toward seafood or salads, and that’s most often what we’re looking for in a meal out. When our tour guide reported that the Pirate’s House Restaurant was inspirational to the story of Treasure Island and that lunch and dinner are both served, we were already feeling the hunger pangs. So it looked like a satisfactory spot to depart the tour for some savory sustenance. The menu was not exactly replete with seafood offerings, however, so I decided to make a quick reconnaissance of the buffet. I soon heard the southern fried chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, squash casserole, seafood au gratin, and a host of other tempting dishes calling my name. Upon my recommendation Jim decided to go the same route. Everything was A-one. Nothing we added to our plates was anything but tasty and sumptuous, and the cornbread accompaniment was the moistest to ever pass my lips. Needless to say, we highly recommend that any visit to Savannah include a repast at the Pirate’s House—specifically the lunch buffet.

Posted Wednesday November 2, 2005

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