Sunset in the Virgins

A custom foam mattress—aaaaaaahhhh!!

The master cabin on Caloosa Spirit was originally equipped with a foam “mattress” that matched all the other seating cushions—in other words, a glorified bunk cushion. (About six months after our boat came off the production line, Catalina began furnishing real mattresses in the cabins—too late for us.) The cushion was at least four inches thick, and it sufficed for charter weeks and our first year of living aboard. But we knew our long-term cruising plans called for an upgrade. At various boat shows we sampled the wares of mattress fabricators who specialized in marine installations, and usually came away with sticker-shock. At the 2005 Miami Boat Show we looked once more, and again saw no way of purchasing a boat mattress that would cost more than our entire bedroom suite in our house! Still, a few more nights of restless sleep (not to mention the foul odor emanating from the cushion’s underside) with no end in sight brought us to the realization that spending a third of our life in bed (8 hours out of every 24) made a quality mattress essential. So we pulled out the credit card, and nine months later we’re still happy we did. The 7-inch thick Handcraft Mattress fits great, has absolutely no odor, and is oh-so-comfortable. These days we still have an occasional restless night when the wind blows over 20 knots, but most nights are blissful excursions into dreamland. The hefty price notwithstanding, we highly recommend Handcraft.

Posted Friday September 30, 2005

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