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Log #69 Non-Cruising

For those of you who have been wondering about us—we did suggest you stay tuned, after all—we’re still on Planet Earth. The last month here in Clearwater/Bellair has flown by. We’ve finished with Caloosa Spirit’s projects for the time being, and within a couple of days we’ll have finished readying her as best we can to survive any tumults Mother Nature throws at her over the next few months. We hope. Time will certainly tell.

We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to do some sprucing and improving, and the weather has been mostly cooperative. We’ve come to depend on the murky clouds approaching by late afternoon, so by that time we’ve finished up and headed back to Gail and Paul’s house for a relaxing evening. Then back to the marina the next morning for another work day.

That’s been the routine for the last several weeks, although we did take a few days off. On Independence Day we had a very enjoyable day with Mike in St. Petersburg. We met at the Salvador Dali Museum to learn something about this very strange man’s very remarkable artwork. Dinner and a most impressive fireworks display at the waterfront capped the day. We also spent a lovely evening visiting cruising friends Cathy and Carl of Persuasion on another excursion to St. Pete.

Gail and Paul returned from their European vacation a few days ago, and they have graciously allowed us to stay here with them until we board a plane to head north. That will be next week on 7/18. We’ll be in Indianapolis for about seven weeks visiting family and friends, and taking care of annual health appointments. Our return flight to Tampa is scheduled for 9/6, and at the end of September we hope to leave Island Yacht Club to get back to cruising.

But there’s always the weather to account for. Predictions notwithstanding, we’re hopeful that Caloosa Spirit will experience a quiet, tranquil summer in our absence. With September being traditionally the most volatile month, the worst may yet await our return. We’ll keep you posted.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Friday July 14, 2006

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