Our Boat

Caloosa Spirit

Catalina 42 mkII

Log #4 Manana

Jim’s sixtieth. We got to spend his birthday hanging around at the boat yard making sure that all the details got attended to (and redoing some of the work ourselves) for the splash first thing tomorrow morning. We went out for dinner at the Harbor View restaurant, but with Caloosa Spirit not yet back at the base the mood wasn’t terribly festive.

We got down to the boat yard for the 8:00 splash time, then stood around until 10:30 waiting for the lift. No one from Sunsail showed up to move the boat to the base so we did it ourselves. What a relief to put the lift and the channel markers off the stern! Got back to the base around 12:00, grabbed a quick lunch, then took a taxi back to Nanny Cay to retrieve the car so that we could make it to Immigration to extend our stay. Immigration was full and we were told to come back tomorrow with no penalty for being a day late. Tomorrow we’ll clean the boat and start to enjoy her again. The hot water in the room got fixed again after 5 days without it.

Caloosa Spirit going back in the water

Leaving the boat yard behind

What a day!! We went down to Immigration early—9:00—but Island Time got us again. Think “BMV” and you get the picture. First you wait for your number to be called, then you get the form to fill out and wait some more. Then you take your completed form to the window, then you wait some more. Then you get called in to talk to the Immigration Officer (battle-axe/tank) to explain why you need to stay on this beautiful island, then you wait some more. And you wait, and you wait, and you wait. Eventually, money changes hands, you get your passports and papers back, and you stagger on your way to continue enjoying this “beautiful” island. If you still have your sanity intact, that is. Believe it or not, that wasn’t the end of the day. We still had time to go to the car rental agency to extend the rental contract. Until we found out that the supervisor wasn’t there and no one else could give us the same rate. She was supposed to be back, so we returned—twice. We’ll go back tomorrow. The boat still isn’t cleaned, and again there’s no hot water in the room.

This was a relatively smoother day (emphasis on “relatively”). We got the car rental and the hotel room extended at the same rate as the original contracts. Yes, I said the hotel room—the one with no hot water and lousy TV reception. But presently it’s the only option for a roof over our heads. (True, the temperature never goes below 75, but it still rains occasionally.) And Jim isn’t exactly having the time of his life driving, but at the moment the car is our only means of getting to the boat. Caloosa Spirit got moved to a dock not connected to the marina docks, and that’s where she’ll stay for the refurbishment. The dinghy that they want us to take wasn’t “refurbished” to our standards. We’ll look into other options, but the dinghy issue is a question mark for the time being. Maybe we can get something temporarily to get back and forth to the boat. We actually cleaned her today!
NOTE: Today was Halloween and parties were advertised, but we didn’t see any kids or costumes.

This was supposed to have been our move-aboard day. Oh well. At least we’re here in the BVI where the weather is warm and beautiful. We got some more cleaning done, and met with John, who is responsible for overseeing the refurbishment. We went over what needs to be done, and he arranged to get some things started this weekend. He hopes that we’ll be able to move aboard next weekend. The whole marina may hear us celebrating then! But we’ll try to live on Island Time and be realistic; that’s why we have the car and hotel room for another 2 weeks. But waiting until tomorrow (“manana”) isn’t getting any easier.

Till next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford

Posted Saturday November 2, 2002

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