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Summer Hiatus

We’ve been back in Indianapolis for several weeks now, enjoying our summer hiatus from cruising. We’re more comfortable leaving Caloosa Spirit sitting in one place during hurricane season, and this year she’s on the hard in Deltaville, VA. Health care appointments, spending quality time with family and church, and catching up with old friends have been filling our time for the past weeks. The days are racing by.

We still have our old faithful Catalina 25 in our possession. Three years ago amid all our other plans and preparations for selling our land home, moving aboard, and launching into our cruising life, we never got her sold. So this year we must spend some time giving her some TLC so that she is presentable enough to entice a buyer. The next week or so will be devoted to the requisite cleaning and polishing.

Towards the end of our time here we expect to have a soul-enriching family reunion. Our son Mike, whom we haven’t seen since leaving Sarasota last fall, is flying up for a visit. Alice’s mom hasn’t seen Mike in 2½ years, so she’s really excited. Also, Alice’s brother Charlie is driving in from Pennsylvania for a weekend. All this happens to coincide with our 35th wedding anniversary on August 20, so it will truly be a grand celebration.

Upon returning to Deltaville we’ll give Caloosa Spirit the same loving care (read, cleaning and polishing) that the 25 will get, along with some minor fixes and installations. We’ll also have the bottom painted. In early October we hope to be once more out on the water. We prefer warm weather to cold for cruising, so we plan to get south before the frosty weather sets in. The Bahamas are our destination for next winter.

Thanks to all we continue to follow our cruising adventures. If you’ve missed any of our previous logs or articles, now is the time to catch up by clicking on any of the buttons above. We’ll have more to share in the fall.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

P. S. Don’t forget to look up Alice’s book, Reaching a Far Horizon, at www.lulu.com!

Posted Saturday August 6, 2005

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to read all of your adventures, but I have a quick question. We have a Baba 30 that we want to store on the hard over the winter. We’re also considering the Deltaville Boatyard. Do you still think that their a good location? Do you have any other suggestions?

    We live in Key Largo across from Penekamp State Park and left from Biscayne Bay on June 27, 2005 for the Chesapeake. We’re currently tied up in Oriental, NC and back in Key Largo for a couple dental appointments. We took the bus down from Oriental (a whole ‘nother adventure in itself!) and plan on returning tomorrow, August 17 with our pick-up. We also plan on doing the Dismal Swamp tour.

    Thanks for the info and good luck to you all!

    Steve & Ruth
    — Steve    08/17/2005 04:14 AM    #
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