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Log #111 Caloosa Spirit Is FOR SALE

So we understand that Caloosa Spirit has had her own communication here. Who knew that a boat would have her own feelings, or that she would be able to share them with the world? Such a unique boat is Caloosa Spirit.

Given how she feels about remaining tied to a dock indefinitely while we cope with yet another lung infection, we’ve decided to turn her loose. Unique she is, but not fully capable of bounding the main without a skipper at her helm. So we hope there is someone out there who wishes to take her helm and accompany her to the places she wants to go.

As for us, other than an occasional annoying cough I’m still feeling healthy, even though my doctors (and my latest CT scan) say that I’m really not. Treatment is presently on hold while we wait for a full culture to determine if this latest bug is the same as one of the previous three or something entirely different. With this current development we see the handwriting on the wall, and it says “No More Cruising”. It’s apparent that I won’t be able to spend extended periods (or even predictable periods) away from my health providers in Indianapolis, so holding onto the boat any longer just doesn’t make sense. Caloosa Spirit was correct in her supposition that she and we might be thinking along the same lines about following separate courses.

We’re seriously considering taking up land cruising with an RV, however. The love of travel is in our blood, and seeing places inaccessible by water has significant appeal. An RV will be easier to maintain here in Indy, and in between doctor’s visits and/or treatments we can travel farther and return faster than we ever could on the water. There are many places I can go and things I can do while I still feel fine, so I want to take advantage of the opportunities.

We feel tremendously fortunate to have had the years we’ve had with Caloosa Spirit. She was the fulfillment of a long-held dream for us, and we have no regrets about our time together. But life brings us to unexpected intersections, and sometimes hard and sad choices must be made. As this dream fades we hope for another to arise. We’re keeping our eyes on the horizon.

Fair winds and a faithful wake,
Alice and Jim Rutherford

Posted Sunday September 11, 2011

* * *

  1. Jim and Alice – I will make this short, as we are in Norfolk, Virginia visiting our little grandaughter, Emma. We are in sympathy with you, not only about your illness, but about having to give up your boat. It was a long and painful decision for us, also. But, with Clyde’s Parkinson’s disease (he is already a couple of years into it), the doctor told us that typically speaking, one needs to plan on at least ten quality years left before the disease may affect their balance, etc. So, MORADA is up for sale in Brunswick, Georgia. Hopefully, she will sell this fall, and we will be getting a small place on land in Vero Beach, Florida, with the hopes of a small RV in the future. I must go now, but please, let’s keep in touch!

    Your TEXAS friends,
    Sherri and Clyde
    — Sherri and Clyde Leatherwood    09/12/2011 07:27 AM    #
  2. Hi Alice & Jim, Sorry to hear about your most recent health issue and sorry to hear it is causing you to put Calossa Spirit on the market. We recently sold Dreamcatcher and are now landlubbers with intentions to travel the USA which we haven’t yet seen.
    Good luck and we will remember you in our prayers.
    Ray & Joanne
    Irwin 38’ CC
    — Ray & Joanne    09/12/2011 07:39 AM    #
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