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Log #100 Up, Up, And Away

I haven’t written anything here since last time, simply because I didn’t want to keep dwelling on the same-old same-old. But there is now something to report, so here I am again. Things are looking UP, so we will soon be AWAY.

What my infectious disease doc had in store was indeed a home IV antibiotic treatment—for a month. It really wasn’t so bad, except for being tired all the time. I had to get another PICC line installed in my arm so that I could hook myself UP to a 40-50 minute IV drip three times each day—as in every eight hours. If you do the math, you can see that I had to be UP late at night and UP again early each morning to meet this schedule. Napping during the day didn’t quite work, because by the time I felt like taking a nap in the afternoon it was time for another infusion. So I usually felt fatigued. But the good news was that the antibiotic du jour didn’t make me nauseous, as had the two-week regimen last January. I really felt no side effects, so I was pretty much able to live my life around the IV schedule without much restriction. Except that I couldn’t swim in the alluring pool that has beckoned on the hottest days.

The best news is that the month-long regimen seems to have had a dramatic effect on my lung infection. Another CT scan last week indicated that the infection is pretty much gone. “The best one I’ve seen yet,” was how my ID doc put it. I was hoping to get confirmation from my pulmonologist that things were looking much better, but he said he doesn’t need to see my again until my next scan next month. So I’ll take that as confirmation. I’ll also take that as letting me off the leash for a few weeks.

So in a couple of days we’ll get AWAY and head down to Caloosa Spirit. Jim never did go down without me, so now we can make the trip together. There’s still an autopilot repair waiting, along with some other maintenance issues to deal with. Not to mention prepping the boat for the worst of hurricane season. But we hope to spend at least a few nights at anchor some place, and sample the life we’ve been away from for so long. Summer isn’t the best cruising time, but we’ll make do.

Let me just add, though, that living here in our apartment in Indianapolis hasn’t been a struggle. It’s really been quite pleasant. We have enough room for the two of us (although we also have a futon for guests), and the daily visits from the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and ducks who visit our feeders are a constant source of entertainment. Walking along the brook that runs through the apartment complex is very relaxing, and the nearby bike and walking trails away from road traffic are satisfying to the senses—quiet, beautiful, and aromatic. We feel very fortunate to have this spot.

After a few weeks in Florida we’ll be back here for a couple of months to sit out the height of hurricane season. Other medical appointments are scheduled for August, and I expect I’ll be scheduled for another CT scan later this fall. Cruising will be limited by such periodic check-ups, but we’ll probably both feel better in the long run by knowing exactly what’s happening in my lungs—good or bad.

Yes, indeed, this is the 100th log we’ve posted. Wow. The years have certainly gone by. Coincidentally, this is the same week some twelve years ago in which we began our crossing on Caloosa Spirit from St. Petersburg to Tortola. And yet, we feel as though we haven’t so far sufficiently met our cruising goals. We haven’t cruised to as many places as we thought we would have by now. We’re not sure what to make of that at this point.

In recognition of this being the 100th log, we’re aware that there may be folks out there who have for some time been receiving an e-mail notification of our postings and by now are weary of the saga. Anyone who wishes to be dropped from our mailing list may certainly e-mail us to that effect, with no hurt feelings involved. We don’t like getting unwanted e-mail, and I’m sure others feel the same. At the same time, we greatly appreciate the on-going interest in our lives of those who are regular readers. We’ll keep posting these as long as that interest lasts.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Wednesday July 8, 2009

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  1. So glad you are doing better healthwise. Hope we can connect again sometime.
    — Fran and Gil Carlson    07/08/2009 09:41 AM    #
  2. Definitely keep us on your email list! Love hearing from you, and hope we can meet up in FL again this winter. Prayers are with you as you recuperate from this damnable lung infection!
    — Ginger and David Kauppi    07/08/2009 12:20 PM    #
  3. So glad to hear you are doing better. We returned from our almost three month trip to the Exuma Islands the end of May and have spent the last month visiting family and friends. Keep me on your email list. Judy and Steve Tedford
    — Judy and Steve Tedford    07/08/2009 06:29 PM    #
  4. Please keep us on your email list. We enjoy hearing about your adventures. So happy Alice is doing better. I’m getting my right knee done on the 27th. Can’t wait. Be safe in Florida. Our best to you both. Sue
    — Sue & Dave Bardes    07/09/2009 08:50 AM    #
  5. We met off Watson Island in 05 then again in 06 in Portsmith. VA. 38’ Irwin Dreamcatcher.
    Have enjoyed your log and are looking forward to future ones.
    Hope to see you guys again this upcoming winter in FL. somewhere.
    Really glad to hear things are looking up.
    Ray & Joanne
    — Ray & Joanne    07/10/2009 07:07 AM    #
  6. Hey, Alice, so glad you’re feeling better – didn;t know about your lung infection – missed a post, I guess. And Jim waited for you to join him – well, of course…he’s a nice guy! We have s/v Trinity in New Bern, NC for part of the summer, but are up visiting our son in PA for a little while. In fact a bit longer than planned now because Dan cut his two middle fingers on a table saw last night, helping put in new floors in our son’s house. He’s now scheduled for reconstructive surgery on Monday! Could have been so much worse, bur still a bummer – and we won’t be taking the boat out of the slip for 5 weeks or so. Ah, well. We might do a little time in the Keys early winter then head again to the Exumas after that. I love reading your postings – they’re great. Hope to see you out there again. I’ve just had a sailing feature published in Chesapeake Bay magazine, plus some other writings. Fun! Fair winds (but not hurricane strength), Maureen and Dan O’Brien
    — Maureen O'Brien    07/10/2009 02:11 PM    #
  7. Jim and Alice,

    We SO enjoy your logs, all of them! We are SO happy to hear of your progress and hope to be able to connect with you all again soon! We have been out cruising on the Chesapeake for several weeks, and were fortunate to have exceptionally wonderful weather for this time of year. We are STILL in Hampton VA with our precious litte Emma, but are planning on heading south for the winter. We wish you well and hope to see you in warm climates during this coming winter.

    Your old friends,
    Sherri and Clyde Leatherwood
    Aboard MORADA
    Lying Hampton, Virginia
    — Sherri & Clyde Leatherwood    07/12/2009 09:56 AM    #
  8. Thanks so much to all who have expressed appreciation for these logs. And we hope to meet up again with as many cruising friends as possible!
    — Alice Rutherford    07/13/2009 06:59 AM    #
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