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Log #98 Catching Up—With Ourselves

How appropriate that I finally get around to writing once again exactly one month after the last log began. How time flies, whether we’re having fun or not.

Let me give a brief recap of the last month. As planned, we did get Caloosa Spirit safely ensconced at Gulfport Marina, then packed up for another trip to Indianapolis for Easter. That was a rather long haul, as we had to rent a car in St. Petersburg in order to get our car in Marathon. From Marathon we started out on the three-day drive to Indy. The St. Pete rental, though, did give us a welcome opportunity to breakfast with cruising friends Carl and Cathy of Persuasion, whom we hadn’t seen for some time.

We were in Indianapolis for four days, then left immediately after Easter church service for Massachusetts. Mom’s burial in Lunenburg, MA, on April 14 was both a sorrowful and joyous day. The family that Mom had kept contact with, but that I hadn’t seen in many years, all showed up to honor her memory. What a marvelous reunion we had! A tour of the North Cemetery to reconnect with our ancestors, a tour of the town of Lunenburg with visits to the homes where both Mom and Dad grew up, and a family luncheon with tributes to Mom all made for a memorable day. Of course, it was difficult to say good-bye to Mom, but her spirit was certainly among us as my brother Charlie and our families gathered around her grave, pledging to stay better in touch in the future.

Mom's grave
This was the day the Lord hath made—and we rejoiced and were glad in it.

The family dispersed within a day or two, but Jim and I remained in Massachusetts for a few more days of visiting with my cousins, Ann and Warren. Mom had visited them religiously every spring, and their family always treated her like royalty. We will be forever grateful to them for their love and attention to Mom. Perhaps we’ll now adopt Mom’s visitation tradition, even if it’s not an annual one. Mom’s passing brings focus to the awareness that family is dear while life is short.

Before returning to Indy, Jim and I took the opportunity to have a mini-vacation in Newport, RI. Yachting Mecca though it is, we had never before been there. For a few days we toured the waterfront, the colonial district, and the Gilded Age mansions that have made Newport famous. The sailing community doesn’t really come to life until summer in Newport, but the unseasonably mild weather of last weekend brought people out anyway. What a treat for us to once again experience the kind of touring that we enjoy as cruisers, even without the boat. It was a delicious respite from the turmoil of our last several months.

Cliff Walk
Cliff Walk

Colonial Newport
Colonial Newport

The Breakers—summer “cottage” of the Vanderbilts

After Newport we stopped by to visit other cruising friends Tom and Barbara of Encore, who live in Fairfield, CT. It was another wonderful opportunity to reconnect and renew our friendship. Their hospitality was exceptional and much appreciated.

We’re now back in Indianapolis to finish settling Mom’s estate. While friends Carol and Stan are away, we’re house-sitting for them. Off the boat again, we again feel homeless, and we greatly appreciate our friends’ opening up their home to us for the next few weeks.

One of the pleasures of being in Indianapolis this spring is the welcome color and aroma of the flowering trees. Redbuds, magnolias, crabapples, dogwoods, and pears all vie for the crown in nature’s annual beauty pageant. A walk down any lane provides an opportunity to breathe in the scent of God’s perfume. As the weather warms and days lengthen, springtime in Florida brings its own flavor in the blossoming oleanders and jacarandas. But I must say, over the last several years since we left Indy, I have missed the northern spring’s gift to the senses.


Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Wednesday April 29, 2009

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  1. Hi folks, very lovely letter and pictures..It was great to have seen you again.The wife had a bad set back,she was doing great with her rehab,put she ended up with a fracture ferum-bone in her hip.She now at New England Baptise Hospital in Boston to be operator on thursday the 30th.Hope and pray that she will do well..I’ll keep in touch..Hope you have smooth crusing..Love Bud&Gerry…
    — Buddy Cox    04/29/2009 10:02 PM    #
  2. Glad everything went so well. Now you all can begin your “healing time”. Have a safe trip back to CALOOSA SPIRIT.

    Fair winds,
    Sherri and Clyde
    Aboard S/V MORADA
    Lying Hampton, Virginia
    — Sherri & Clyde Leatherwood    04/30/2009 09:44 AM    #
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