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Log #9 A Very Merry Christmas

Not much happened today. The boat got polished and it looks great, but the sail still isn’t on the boom, the motor mounts haven’t been replaced, and the stanchion, helm seat, ladder, and bimini/dodger are still missing. But there’s always “tomorrow”! I put up some Christmas decorations inside the boat, and it’s looking quite festive. I didn’t have a chance to pack any Christmas stuff from home, so this will truly be a different Christmas.

We love our new dinghy! Actually, the dinghy is 4 years old (a 12ft RIB—rigid inflatable boat), but the engine is new. The dinghy was reconditioned, and while it doesn’t look great, it’s very stable and comfortable. And the Yamaha 15hp engine makes it fly! Even at ½ throttle! We’re eager to try it out over some distance, but so far we’ve only been able to tool around the marina breaking it in.

What a busy day! The sail is on the boom, the motor mounts have been replaced, the stanchion has been installed, and the helm seat just needs some adjusting (tomorrow). The ladder and bimini/dodger are supposed to arrive tomorrow. So it’s looking good to leave this weekend for St. Thomas. But that’s a day or two short of my mom’s arrival to St. Thomas on Friday. I’ll probably take the ferry over to meet her and return here the same way. Then we can show her around Tortola over the weekend. I know she’ll want to see where we’ve been living for 3 months. We’ve learned to keep all plans fluid, but this maintenance dock isn’t where we want to be on Christmas, so we’ll be gone by early next week—somehow.

I took the ferry to St. Thomas to meet Mom for her Christmas visit. She arrived safe and sound. What a treat to have her come! At 90 she’s still active and loves a good time. I was able to do a little Christmas shopping, but not much. With no car I was carrying everything that I bought. We rode the ferry back to Tortola, and Jim picked us up with the car.

Working around the maintenance guys’ schedule we managed to take Mom on a road tour of the island. She’s always liked roller coasters, so she had a great time riding on the hills and curves, even on the left side of the road. The sunset cocktails at Lambert Beach really capped off the day. We’ve never seen higher waves here!

View of Road Town from Ridge Road

Lambert Beach on Tortola

Enjoying Island Time

Only 2 more items to finish before we leave, maybe “tomorrow”. The bimini is half on and the batteries are half installed. What are the chances they’ll be finished for us to leave tomorrow? Christmas is getting closer.

Well, we didn’t leave today, although the bimini and batteries are now complete. We agreed to complete the dodger and a few other items upon a return visit (for only one day) next week, and again next month. You probably knew we wouldn’t be completely done now. But it feels good to at least have a confirmed departure (tomorrow—for real). We still have to turn in “Mighty Myrtle” (our car) and shed a tear of grief. She’s been a real trooper for the last 3 months.

We are actually leaving the dock today, and our schedule will be our own. Of course, we still need to go to town this morning to get ready for Christmas. This experience has brought a whole new meaning to “last minute Christmas shopping”! We’re way behind our projected schedule of where we would be by this time, but it seems that we’ll enjoy a relaxing holiday at anchor. For that we are enormously grateful.

We wish for all a peaceful and blessed Christmas season with fair winds and calm seas. Until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford

Posted Tuesday December 24, 2002

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