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Log #87 Lost In Cyberspace

By now most of our readers are probably wondering what in the cosmos has happened to us, since no log has been posted in well over a month. That’s not from lack of interest, or lack of time, or even lack of inspiration. No, sadly our last log is floating somewhere out there in cyberspace, presumably never to rematerialize.

An interesting month-long log that told of our pleasant stay here in Marathon for the last couple of months, a visit to the local Turtle Hospital, a group bus trip to Key West and the fascinating Butterfly Conservatory there (all complete with photos) quietly flew out of our computer when we had an e-mail snafu and Jim erred in attempting to save our documents prior to reinstalling a new MS Office program. Such is life.

Suffice to say we’re still on this planet, we’re still in Marathon, and we’re still aboard Caloosa Spirit. Of all the places we’ve been Boot Key Harbor has had the most to offer us. Here we’ve met numerous other cruisers, many of whom we plan to stay in touch and hope to meet up with again somewhere. The price is very affordable for a very secure mooring ball in a very protected harbor. Two months have flown by. Of course, if anyone remembers our last log, we had suggested that we would be underway for the Bahamas approximately one month ago. Obviously, that plan has been coming together for several more weeks. Such is the cruising life.

At this point, though, we’re just about ready to leave, and, God willing and the creek…er, ocean…don’t rise, we’ll be headed for the Abacos (the northern Bahamas) in another week. We plan to leave Boot Key Harbor in a couple of days to head for Key Biscayne outside of Miami. There we’ll wait for the right window (hopefully at the end of next week) to make the Gulf Stream crossing. We’ll be traveling in company with Bruce and Dawn on Lady Hawk, some of the delightful cruisers we’ve met here at Boot Key. As much as we’ve enjoyed Marathon, we’re ready to move on, and we’re happy to have some boat buddies to do that with.

Here are a few of the photos that I was able to resurrect.

Turtle Hospital
Turtle Hospital resident

Butterfly Conservatory
Butterfly Conservatory resident

Boot Key Harbor mooring field
Boot Key Harbor mooring field

Oh, and then there’s this picture. I thought those of you who, like me, have never before seen Jim with facial hair might appreciate seeing what he’s looking like these days. I rather like the salty look.

Jim's beard
The old salt—getting younger

Here we are at No Name Harbor on Key Biscayne just south of Miami. We actually arrived yesterday afternoon after two long days of motorsailing (with an overnight at Rodriguez Key), but the weekend warriors were still inhabiting the small harbor, so we opted for a night outside in the bay. It was a rather rolly night, but this morning we found room among the other cruising boats, most of whom are presumably on their way to somewhere.

No Name Harbor sunset
No Name Harbor sunset

This afternoon we were welcomed by a local manatee who made numerous appearances near our boat. Of course, when I went to get the camera, that was his/her cue to plumb the depths indefinitely. Maybe she/he will make a return visit and actually pose tomorrow. Oh, I forgot—tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. If the manatee would happen to appear, surely he/she would just be teasing.

No, we haven’t seen the manatee again. We’ve been too busy with preparations to notice, anyway. It appears that a weather window for a Gulf Stream crossing is due to open on Friday night, so that’s what we’re preparing for. With luck we’ll be in West End on Grand Bahama Island by mid-day on Saturday. Oh, yes, we’re definitely getting excited! Maybe our plan (for the last several years) to tour the Bahamas—well, the northern Bahamas, anyway—will actually come to pass this year.

Our internet and e-mail service will be somewhat spotty for the next couple of months. We’ll only be able to use cybercafés (and wi-fi when we can get it), since our Verizon air card won’t work from the Bahamas. (Neither will our Verizon cell phones, for that matter.) But hopefully with our next posted log we’ll begin to share our experiences in a totally new cruising ground. Stay tuned.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Wednesday April 2, 2008

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  1. Hey, you guys,
    Great update. Cannot wait to hear about your trip across. Good luck, and we’ll be hoping for great weather for you.
    — Kitty Bennett    04/03/2008 09:04 AM    #
  2. Hi, guys. So good to hear from you. When I rec’d this last week, I wrote a msge, but of course, my computer quit on me (OK, I’d let the battery run down to extinction doing e-mail – my bad). We’re still in Marathon; had a wonderful visit with daughter jamie & fiane Paul. They left yesterday, and scrambled to get a flight back home to NC, bec their airline, super-cheap SkyBus, went bankrupt the day before they were to fly back! Expecting my brother tomw for 5 days. Then we’ll be northward bound, sort of slowly. Did you get to ‘cross over’ yet. We heard from friends in Treasure Key yesterday, said they’re waiting for a weather window to come th FL, might be a week. Hope you’re having fun and fair winds wherever you are. Let’s try to stay in touch! It was fun meeting up with you both. Have you heard anything of Avalon? Take care,
    — Maureen O'Brien & Dan    04/08/2008 11:31 AM    #
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