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Log #81 To Everything There Is A Season

The changing leaves here in Indiana remind us that the time for returning to Caloosa Spirit is nigh. We’ve already been here several weeks longer than originally planned, but just this week Jim was released from both his wrist splint and any further physical therapy. Boat work awaits, and we both feel up to the challenge.

Our original reason for a three-month stay in Indy was our daughter’s wedding. It’s hard to believe that a year’s worth of planning is now behind us, and that Lauri and Alex are actually married. The planning definitely paid off in a joyous day that exceeded our expectations. Lauri and Alex both beamed, glowed, and generally radiated their love for one another for the entire day. The following pictures tell their story.






And of course, the family was pretty proud and happy, as well.

A day to remember

Other than the weather gods throwing rain in our direction (the only wet weather in a month), the entire day seemed to go off without a hitch. But, of course, no wedding story is quite complete without some poignant snafu, and this one was no exception. As Lauri and Alex were having breakfast the next morning and Lauri was exuding about how perfect and problem-free the day had been, Alex looked at her and intoned, “I guess it’s safe to tell you now.” He then disclosed to her his harrowing search for a last-minute disc jockey, when the one who had been scheduled for months cancelled 48 hours before the reception. Concerned about his fiancée’s sense of equilibrium as the happy day approached, Alex decided that informing Lauri of the crisis would be ill-advised—really ill-advised. With help from April and Greg, the matron-of-honor and her husband, a replacement DJ was found, and the beauty of it all was that no one, including the bride and her parents, was any the wiser through the entire evening reception. The “second-string” DJ smoothly finessed all that was required of him in a totally professional manner. Should hiring a disc jockey ever be necessary for us here in Indy (an unlikely event by any stretch), our first choice will definitely be Fat Cats—despite the name.

Another highlight of our sojourn here was the “Broadway Through the Decades” program that I and some fellow musicians performed in mid-September. Our many rehearsals paid off in an exciting, well-done (if not perfect), and well-attended performance of seventeen different selections from Broadway shows of the 1930s through the 2000s. One member of our group (we call ourselves “Muse”) was able to record the entire program, so we all got a CD of the performance as a memento.

Broadway night
Broadway Through the Decades with Muse

But seasons come and seasons go, and it’s time for us to follow the sun to Florida. Caloosa Spirit awaits our return to St. Petersburg. Before launch, however, there are a few projects to be done—as usual. And then there will be projects after launch, and then… Well, we’re still hoping to get to the Bahamas this winter. We’ll leave Indianapolis on 10/25 and drive to Massachusetts for my 40th high school reunion. (Yes, I know: you can do the math to determine my age.) From there we’ll travel down the east coast, make a few touring stops on the way, and arrive in St. Pete in early November. We always leave with mixed emotions, but we’re exceedingly grateful that the health concerns that have kept us aground for most of the last couple of years seem to be behind us—for the time being, at least. So we’ll sail while the wind is with us.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Friday October 19, 2007

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