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Summer Hiatus ‘07

We’ve been back in Indianapolis for about six weeks now, primarily gearing up for our daughter Lauren’s wedding. We’re staying in a short-term apartment with rented furniture in the same complex we were in last fall. Wedding plans are falling into place nicely, and we anticipate an exciting, joy-filled day on September 8. We dearly love Alex, our future son-in-law, and we’re thrilled to be joining our family with his through their marriage.

Jim is eagerly anticipating his role as Father of the Bride and walking Lauri down the aisle. Unfortunately, his right arm will have a bit more heft than he originally expected. A couple of weeks ago he underwent surgery to fuse his right wrist—a procedure he had been avoiding for some time. About six years ago he blew out a ligament in his wrist and had surgery then to attempt a repair. That surgery wasn’t successful due to arthritis and the extent of the injury. The doctor then suggested the fusion, but Jim held out hoping for a new “glue” that would hold a synthetic ligament in place. Unfortunately, arthritis has continued to degenerate the joint, so the fusion was the only alternative. Over the past several months the pain was becoming more problematic, so, since we were already planning to be in Indy for three months, this seemed like the time to have the surgery. His right hand is incapacitated for another month or more, though, so we hope his tuxedo will fit over his splint. Also, we’re seriously considering staying in Indy an additional month before heading back to the boat. The surgeon probably won’t release Jim for much movement of his wrist until the end of October, and we already have plans to attend my high school reunion in Massachusetts at that time. Hopefully, we’ll head to Florida from New England by the first of November.

Wedding showers, gown fittings, running errands, and tracking all the preparations have been occupying much of our time, but we’ve also been busy with church. Last winter our church initiated an additional worship service in a progressive and creative style, and I’ve been participating in the planning team for that service. It’s an awesome experience to witness the creation of a worship encounter that blossoms from a mere grain of an idea. I’ve also been singing with the music group for the New Creation service—a fun and rewarding experience. I’m also part of a group preparing an evening of Broadway songs to present at church—an idea presented to me by another church member who plays piano. After adding a drummer and electric bass we came up with a name—Muse. The practice and preparation make for fun times, even while we’re playing to an empty house!

Speaking of houses, Lauri and Alex have recently moved into their first house, so we’ve had to change our mailing address. So far we’ve only lost some intake forms for my new doctor and Jim’s Medicare card—both of which were replaced with a minimum of hassle. Also, for some reason known only to the rocket scientists in the U. S. Postal Service, at least two properly addressed items of mail (that we know of) were not delivered to our address here at our apartment. Getting mail continues to be one of our on-going challenges of cruising—even when we’re not.

Last month the weather here in Indy was quite lovely with sunny days in the 80s, well-spaced rainy days, a pleasant breeze, and comfortable overnights. We took a couple of lengthy bike rides and thoroughly enjoyed the outings. August, however, has been another story. Drought conditions prevail and the nightly headline news story has been the possibility of setting a record for the number of 90+ days in succession. (That possibility was dashed by yesterday’s overcast and comfortable lull with a high of 82.) We feel fortunate to be living in air-conditioning. As far as tropical weather is concerned, here in the heartland no news is good news. We’ve just started to hear about Tropical Storm Dean, so we’ll be paying close attention to his track. We hope that Caloosa Spirit —on the hard in St. Petersburg—continues to remain out of harm’s way.

Thanks to all who continue to follow our cruising adventures—or misadventures, depending on your viewpoint. If you’ve missed any of our previous logs or articles, now is the time to catch up on our website. We’ll have more to share in the fall as we make preparations for a winter in the Bahamas.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Wednesday August 15, 2007

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  1. Alice,
    I know this is way old, but I still have your article on Cruising Defined and might be interested in publishing it still. I was hesitant before because it had been printed elsewhere, but it is not time sensitive and would still work well. Can you let me know if this is okay still? I can pay my going rate of ten cents a word. I am sending to this address from your web site as the old address is old (2005) and I see your web site still works.

    Steve Morrell
    Southwinds Magazine.
    — Steve Morrell    08/29/2007 11:59 AM    #
  2. We sure hope Jim is making a speedy recovery. Looking forward to having you back here! Jeff and Elise
    — Jeff Hazzard    10/15/2007 06:48 PM    #
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