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Log #75 In The Bleak Midwinter

The weather is once more the topic of conversation. The last forecast we saw indicated snow showers and flurries during the day today. As usual, the weather gods like to keep us slightly off-kilter. Upon awakening we found about two inches of snow on the ground with more falling from the skies. By late morning we had about three or four inches everywhere. We’re not complaining, though, because this winter has been extremely mild—especially compared to further west. As long as we’re here in Indiana in winter we can enjoy having enough snow to blanket the bare trees and brown lawns. Thank you, God, for the beauty.

Another gift worth noting is the e-mails I received last week from two classmates from the past. Recently I was able to reconnect with some pals from high school in Massachusetts whom I haven’t seen or spoken with in about 35 years. There are times when the internet transcends its junk, spam, porn, and other undesirable content to become a paramount of modern communication that draws people closer to one another.

Jim had his last follow-up with the urologist today. The result (drumroll)—a green light for leaving Indianapolis! An x-ray of Jim’s surgery showed optimal healing, so the doc was quite happy. So are we, needless to say. Now we have several days of packing to look forward to.

The packing and moving are almost done. The apartment is empty and we’re back at Mom’s for a few days before heading south. Deciding and sorting what goes into storage, what goes with us, and what goes back to Mom and/or Lauri was somewhat daunting, but it’s almost done. We just have to sort a few more bags and bins and we’ll be ready. It was fortuitous that during the summer we re-organized our storage locker and discarded some unused and unneeded items, since we’ve now managed to add several more storage bins in their place.

We don’t understand how or why football has become such a monumental spectator sport. To us the game is a monumental yawn, since we much prefer activities in which we are actually participating rather than merely watching. We are offended by the monumental amounts of money involved in the salaries, airtime, ticket sales, and advertising associated with professional football, to say nothing of the monumental hype around the “big” games. Here in Indianapolis this week the monumental hype is in monumental abundance. The talk of the town is the monumental expectations for a Colts win at the Super Bowl this Sunday. Expect to hear the local news at 6:00? Fuggeddabowdit. It’s all Colts all the time. Personally, we’ll be tuned into the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet on Sunday evening. The players are much cuter, the action is much more unpredictable and entertaining, there are far fewer time-outs, and the water-bowl-cam brings new meaning to “up close and personal”. The Kitty Half-Time Show is the highlight of the event, without the risk of a costuming mishap. If you’re looking for a monumentally saner alternative to the Super Bowl hype, tune in to Animal Planet any time Sunday evening.

Ground hog, schmoundog. What does a rodent know about winter turning into spring anyway? Jim just came in shivering and suggesting the possibility of frostbite while we pack the car in a couple of days. And today is the warmest it will be for a week! On Monday the prediction is a high of 15 with a morning temperature of 0-1. Even cold Florida temperatures will be a welcome relief. But Punxatawney Phil in Pennsylvania didn’t see his shadow (there’s no sun here, either—surprise, surprise), so only six more weeks of winter are supposedly in the offing. But I wouldn’t advise casting off those parkas and mukluks quite yet.

We attended church one last time before leaving town and said farewell to our church family. First Congregational United Church of Christ in Indianapolis is experiencing some major growth … well, they’re not pains, really, because it’s all so exciting and invigorating. This year is our church’s 150th anniversary, and in a few weeks a second service will be added to the morning’s schedule—one that will be a significant departure from the traditional worship experience. We are also undertaking some key challenges in working toward a more earth-friendly lifestyle. We believe that God is still speaking, that our Bibles have no back covers, and that all are welcome at God’s celebration of life. We intend to carry our church’s mission with us as we continue our travels, and we’re eagerly anticipating the day when we get audio/video streaming and/or podcasts of the services.

After so many months in Indiana, leaving felt strange. The good-byes are always difficult, but this time was more like the first time we left. I’ll never get used to it. The car’s reading of the outdoor temperature this morning was a big goose egg. We can tell that we’re heading south, though, because when we stopped in Dalton, GA, the temperature was 35. Our motel room is somewhat warmer, although the heat was totally off when we came in and the air streaming in around the door jamb is preventing the heater from doing a whole lot. Florida, here we come!

By the way, the Colts won.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Tuesday February 6, 2007

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