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Log #73 Happy Holidays

It’s been at least six weeks since we’ve updated our log. It’s kind of hard to write a cruising log when we’re not cruising. But we expect that at least some of you out there may be wondering what’s been happening with us.

Jim’s prostate surgery went as scheduled on 11/6. After a couple of nights in the hospital he’s since been recuperating here in our little apartment. His road to recovery has had a few potholes—a difficult-to-shake urinary tract infection and several necessary self-catheterizations (I’ll spare the details)—but he’s presently coming along okay. Generally speaking, other than for the sometimes intense pain from the UTI and the consequential self-cath, he’s been feeling pretty well. He expects to feel a whole lot better after another procedure next week. I’ve always known that Jim is a pretty special guy, but I didn’t know just how special until the urologist talked to me after his surgery. It seems that Jim’s ureters (the tubes running from the kidneys to the bladder—see what I’ve learned about anatomy?) are especially long (Jim says he was supposed to have been taller), and therefore were subject to injury from the prostate surgery. So the doc installed a stent in one of them to aid in the bladder’s healing—only the third time he’s had to do this in the hundreds of surgeries he’s performed. Unfortunately, this pesky outsider has been an unwelcome guest in Jim’s bladder, and the infection has been the result. Antibiotics and a urinary pain reliever are presently keeping everything under control until the removal of the stent next week. The doc has assured us that Jim’s recovery will perk along nicely after that. We certainly hope so, since that procedure will happen just after our son Mike arrives from Sarasota to spend Christmas with us here. We also hope that our stay in Indy won’t be overly extended as a result of this blip on the surgical radar. We’re still expecting to head back to Florida by late January or early February.

When we finally return south, it appears that we’ll be sitting still for a while there. We had hoped that the lightning damage repairs to our electronics could be managed while we’re up here, but that dream is not to be. The boatyard experts have informed us that Caloosa Spirit must be in the water to accurately assess all the electronics, and we’ve opted to wait until we’re on site to move forward with that plan. Jim’s a hands-on guy (in several ways!), and he’s not comfortable with making repair/replace decisions without being present at any assessment. So our plans for the Bahamas may get tabled yet again for another year. We hope the islands are still there by the time we’re ready to explore them. Most likely, by late winter we’ll just be glad to be back in the tropical climate, regardless of the geographical location.

In the meantime, the weather here hasn’t been too shabby. Today the temperature is soaring into the 60s with bright sunshine. Actually, we’ve had more sunny days in the last month or so than we have a right to expect in usually-dreary Indiana. Even Thanksgiving was exceptionally warm and pleasant. We have had a couple of bone-chilling days along with about an inch of snow, but that was the exception. Of course, the forecasters are now saying that this heat wave will soon screech to a halt, but that may just be their need to keep expectations high. After seeing the film An Inconvenient Truth recently, we have to wonder how much of a difference global warming is making to our northern winters. For anyone who hasn’t seen the film, we highly recommend it, but it may scare your socks off.

Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!

While we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas our daughter Lauren’s wedding plans have been on hold. She’s already accomplished a lot, but we have more decisions to work on after the holidays—cake, invitations, bridesmaid gown’s, etc. She’s still joyously happy, as are we, about the coming nuptials next September.

Christmas has always been a special time of year for us. We look forward to spending another joyous holiday season with our family and friends. We wish for all our readers a heartfelt peace that transcends the strife so evident throughout the world. By once again welcoming the Christ child and following in his path we can one day make his promise of world peace a reality.

Christmas in Indy
Merry Christmas from our house…er, apartment…to yours!

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Saturday December 16, 2006

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