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Log #72 Back Home(less) Again In Indiana

Yes, we’re back up north in Indy. When last we wrote Caloosa Spirit had yet to be hauled for storage on the hard for a few months. The haul-out went off with nary a hitch, and she’s now sitting in Renovator’s Boatyard in St. Petersburg, FL. She’s currently being surveyed and assessed for lightning damage, since several of our electrics and electronics aren’t working properly. At least the repairs can be made while we’re up here, hopefully. Leaving her was difficult, and we look forward to our return in January.

While we were in Florida we had a grand time visiting with our son Mike and with several friends. As always, we greatly appreciated the hospitality of Gail and Paul of Puffin, Cathy and Carl of Persuasion, and Carla and Greg of Spellbound. Once more fellow cruisers have demonstrated what makes the cruising community a joy to belong to. It was also a real delight to spend a couple of weeks with Mike. He and his buddies are building their own internet web hosting company (AOSoft Internet Services, Inc.), and we’re extremely proud of his efforts and the company’s growing success.

As for our return to Indianapolis, you probably recall that we’re here for Jim’s upcoming prostate surgery. While we both approach his surgery date of 11/6 with some trepidation, we’ve heard several voices of encouragement from others who have traveled the same road. We’re hoping Jim’s recovery will be swift and sure, but we’re also allowing about three months for it. That’s the reason that we won’t return to Caloosa Spirit until January—or even February if need be.

Since Caloosa Spirit is our primary home, we’re pretty much homeless when we’re off her. Visiting with friends and family is great fun, but after several months of living with others we felt the need for a place of our own. So we’ve moved into a short-term one-bedroom apartment with rented furniture. So far the physical and psychological space is agreeing with us. Our daughter Lauren’s comment was that it’s small, but we’re used to co-existing in minimal space on our boat. This apartment is really spacious by comparison!

Rosewood living room
Our current salon

Rosewood kitchen
Our present galley

Rosewood bedroom
Our temporary master cabin

Rosewood bathroom
Our head (with a touch of the sea)

This will definitely be a different fall.

One significant difference was celebrating Jim’s birthday with family in Indy for the first time in four years. Lauri enjoyed hosting dinner and making Jim’s favorite birthday cake—orange sponge cake. Jim appreciated the thought and effort, and I appreciated Lauri’s understanding of why I don’t make that particular kind of cake very often—“It’s a lot of work!” Jim is now enjoying the Bose speaker system I bought him to use in conjunction with our recently-acquired iPOD. We now have a sound system similar to (although much more compact than) the one we used to have in our house. One more way to make us feel less homeless.

Getting back to church always warms our hearts and today was no different. Another of today’s treats was the cloudless skies. Indiana typically has weather that is—shall we say un-Florida-like. Last week we had two days of drizzle and rain, so the sunshine is a welcome change. Also, in the changing season we’re experiencing one of nature’s splendors. God’s paintbrush colors the leaves in a rainbow of autumn hues.

Rosewood fall
Autumn color

We greatly appreciate the interest and encouragement of our readers, not to mention the prayers through the coming weeks.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Monday October 30, 2006

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