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Log #70 Aground In Indiana

Hello again. We’d say “Welcome back to another cruising season”, but we’re not there yet. As you can tell from the title, we’re still separated from Caloosa Spirit. From all reports she’s sitting serenely and patiently in Clearwater awaiting our return. So far Florida has come through the hurricane season unscathed, despite predictions to the contrary, and we hope to see that pattern continue.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been so lucky as we’ve gone through our “health appointment season”. No, it isn’t Alice’s liver. You may remember that we got stuck in Indy last winter with some question about her liver health. That episode ended with benign results from a biopsy. This time, though, Jim’s elevated PSA necessitated a prostate biopsy, and the results were not benign. From what we’ve learned so far prostate cancer is relatively common (although we’ve gotten conflicting information about that), and it’s highly treatable. Still, the waiting and uncertainty are stressful and frightening. Although upon reporting the biopsy results early last week the urologist said that he wanted to avoid a lengthy pins-and-needles interval so he would see us soon for discussion of options, our appointment isn’t until the end of this week. Jim also has an appointment for a second opinion next week. So we’re here for the indefinite future. Surgery of some sort seems necessary, but exactly when that will be scheduled is still a mystery to us. And recovery time will depend on the type of surgery involved.

On a happier note, our daughter Lauren got engaged in July. She and Alex will be married at our church, First Congregational UCC, on September 8, 2007. We’re all excited, and wedding plans have moved forward at a comfortable pace. So far we’ve secured the church and pastor, a reception site, attendants, photographer, and (probably) the florist, and Lauri’s chosen a gown. Focusing on the wedding gives us something fun to work on, and helps keep our minds occupied. Time with our family, friends, and church does the same.

Another thing that we’ve done for fun is bike ride. We’re always enjoyed our bikes (the Trek mountain bikes we leave up here), and Indianapolis has some wonderful bike paths. One day we took a day to ride along the Central Canal Tow Path which runs for five miles through woodlands and light residential areas. Last week we took the five-mile route along the White River which ends in downtown Indy. The sunshine, fresh air, and exercise are always revitalizing.

White River
White River, Indianapolis

Although we won’t be recounting our cruising adventures in this log for a while, we’ll periodically update you with our health developments. Prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated.

Fair winds and a faithful wake until next time,
Alice & Jim Rutherford
s/v Caloosa Spirit

Posted Monday September 18, 2006

* * *

  1. Hello Alice and Jim,
    My wife and I have been reading your log since last season as we hope to follow a similar retirement plan in a few years. We’re learning, slowly. The last entry concerning Jim’s health has finally prompted me to write just to say that our prayers are with you but our hope is that you won’t need them.
    Mark and Cindy
    — Mark S. Angelone    09/30/2006 10:58 AM    #
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